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Body Contouring

30-Day Regenerative Health and Body Balancing Program

Our medical team at RenuYou Weight Loss & Wellness use technology to create a personalized guided wellness plan identifying your unique challenges and issues. By targeting the pertinent issues you face and creating an in-depth understanding of your individual health “fingerprint” we are able to target our efforts to create incredibly fast and long-lasting, sustainable results.

Body Contouring

For those who need to tone and counter their body but do not have large amounts of excess weight to lose, but rather specific areas of the body with smaller fat deposits, body contouring is an all-natural weight loss method to help you achieve a sleeker, trimmer physique remarkably fast in a safe environment.


Get to know yourself INSIDE and OUT


Total wellness is about more than just a diet and exercise routine. Here at RenuYou Weight Loss & Wellness, we help cultivate an enhanced mindset for a new lifestyle and a new and improved YOU.


It's not just about weight loss, or maintaining a certain body image – the most important thing will always be achieving optimal health. Healthy is always beautiful!


Our RenuYou Weight Loss & Wellness proprietary techniques are ground-breaking and will help you find balance, the foundation of health and personal well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will RenuYou help me to lose weight?

Dr. Saleh and our incredible team of accomplished Nurses, Aestheticians, medical professionals, wellness consultants, nutritionists, and dietitians are leading industry experts in weight-loss,  and utilize a revolutionary approach by using special technology that evaluates a patients overall personal health “fingerprint” to create a personalized,  completely unique custom program for every patient that targets the specific factors preventing losing weight in order to target and overcome them.

How does a typical program work?

Our RenuYou Weight Loss & Wellness team guides you to a healthier lifestyle through healthy eating, portion control, IV infusions, therapies and supplements to help you achieve your weight loss goals and health recovery, increase your energy levels and avoid future weight gain.

How can I lose weight when I have tried everything?

For most people, simply eating healthy and getting regular exercise are enough to lose weight. But for others facing specific challenges, sometimes additional efforts are needed to overcome more difficult hurdles. 

Dr. Saleh in consultation with the rest of their medical team, will use various methods such as DHEA supplements to boost your metabolism, achieving optimal hormone levels for hormone-based weight gain (such as high cortisol or low thyroid hormone issues), IV infusions, holistic approaches, FDA-approved oral therapies, and more.

Even if I lose weight, how will I keep it off this time?

At RenuYou Weight Loss & Wellness, we specifically focus on the prevention of future weight gain and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle by helping you to develop healthy life-long habits, including eating the right foods, taking supplements, and exercising regularly. 

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