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Meet Our RenuYou & Wellness Team

Committed to Helping You Achieve Your Ideal Self

Our Incredible Team at RenuYou Weight Loss & Wellness is located in beautiful Darien, Connecticut, where we strive every day to transform outdated models of weight loss and wellness and help people achieve their healthiest, ideal selves. At  RenuYou & Wellness, we utilize an integrative and functional cutting-edge medical approach to help achieve not only weight loss and weight management, but complete body balancing, health recovery, and total optimal wellness.

At RenuYou Weight Loss & Wellness, we focus on treating the underlying causes of medical issues, and not just the surface symptoms. By using a varied approach combining different methods, we strive to help you achieve total and complete wellness from the inside out. Everyone is unique, and so is your weight loss journey. Our personalized program is customized to you, designed for your specific needs. Our team of medical professionals, nutritionists and weight-loss doctors will work together with you to create your personal program that is easy to understand and follow. By tailoring to your individual needs and tastes, we can make your weight-loss journey efficient and effective.

Every journey begins with the first step. We hope you will make that step and set up a consultation today

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Saleh with their incredible team of accomplished Nurses, Aestheticians, medical professionals, wellness consultants, nutritionists, and dietitians are leading industry experts in weight-loss,  and utilize a revolutionary approach by using special technology that evaluates a patients overall personal health “fingerprint” to create a personalized,  completely unique custom program for every patient that targets the specific factors preventing losing weight in order to target and overcome them.

Our RenuYou Weight Loss & Wellness team guides you to a healthier lifestyle through healthy eating, portion control, IV infusions, therapies and supplements to help you achieve your weight loss goals and health recovery, increase your energy levels and avoid future weight gain.

For most people, simply eating healthy and getting regular exercise are enough to lose weight. But for others facing specific challenges, sometimes additional efforts are needed to overcome more difficult hurdles. 

Dr. Saleh in consultation with the rest of their medical team, will use various methods such as DHEA supplements to boost your metabolism, achieving optimal hormone levels for hormone-based weight gain (such as high cortisol or low thyroid hormone issues), IV infusions, holistic approaches, FDA-approved oral therapies, and more.

At RenuYou Weight Loss & Wellness, we specifically focus on the prevention of future weight gain and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle by helping you to develop healthy life-long habits, including eating the right foods, taking supplements, and exercising regularly. 

Schedule an appointment with us today if you are serious about finally losing and keeping off excess weight and improving your health and well-being

Total Health and Wellness Solutions

At RenuYou Weight Loss & Wellness, we offer a variety of treatments from the traditional and latest, cutting-edge techniques to help you achieve and maintain your ideal self at every stage of your life, slowing the natural process of aging.

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Medical Weight Loss

Learn how to lose weight and consistently keep weight off through healthy eating choices, portion control and how to use your metabolism to your advantage. Develop life-long healthy eating habits that nourish you from the inside out and keep you looking and feeling your best.

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Vitamin & Mineral Infusions

Vitamin and mineral infusions via IV are known to have beneficial results for many different medical issues and conditions. Our physicians tailor-design an infusion program based upon your individual needs.

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Laser Skin Tightening
Skin Rejuvenation
Anti-Aging Vitamin Infusions
Immunity Boosting
Virus Protection
Enhanced Cognitive Function
Improved Memory
Boost Weight Loss

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Nutritional Balance

Dr. Saleh along with select staff will meet with you one-on-one personally to go into an in-depth history of your health, from your family’s health history to personal health issues from childhood to the present, to create a complete picture for greater understanding of you on a personal level.

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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical hormone therapy can assist with hormone imbalance, memory loss, production of new bone material and improved cardiovascular function.

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I-Lipo Therapy

Fatty Acid Lipid Therapies have been shown to balance fatty acids within your cells.

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Remove harmful substances from the body and boost liver and immune function

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MIC Injections

Stimulate your extracellular matrix and connective tissues to enhance your immune system and increase detoxification.

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Male Testosterone /ED Therapy

Body balancing and detoxification can assist with male health issues, our medical professionals are dedicated to helping you resolve your ED via a multi-functional approach..

The RenuYou Weight Loss & Wellness VISION

Here at RenuYou Weight Loss & Wellness, we know that true change starts from within. Our vision is to help each individual committed to change and wellness to achieve and maintain their optimal, ideal self through our dedicated medical team’s knowledge, expertise and support.

Our dream is for you to achieve YOUR dream. When you succeed, we succeed! We believe that by getting to know you and custom-making a program tailored to your specific needs, we can help you overcome any obstacles and achieve your goals – together!

The RenuYou Weight Loss & Wellness Mission

Our Mission is to help you become your ideal self. We want to see you become optimally fit and help give you the tools to maintain a life-long commitment to wellness. Our medical team listens to your needs to tailor-make the best possible journey for YOU. 

Through coaching, moral support, and our unique personalized approach, we strive to fill you with the strength and confidence to overcome any and all obstacles in your weight-loss journey, and create life-long habits for continued success.

Our Commitment to You


The RenuYou Weight Loss & Wellness way is to provide the highest-possible standard of care and exceed every single one of your expectations. Our commitment to each client is to give you the best experience possible, going beyond just weight loss to achieving total overall optimal health and wellness. Nothing brings us more joy than seeing you achieve your goals and become your best self, and we will work tirelessly to make that happen!

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